Home Loan Interest Rate Discount Campaign

  • Writer : Admin
  • Date : 2024.04.26

Dear Customer,

We at C-Herald Finance are running a Home Loan Discount Campaign from 25/April/2024 to 24/May/2024.

As one of our efforts to do our best in any way we can, if the interest rate on your current home loan falls into one of the following categories, we will explore additional interest rate discounts upon your request:
• Owner occupied home loans with a variable interest rate of 6.30% or higher at present.
• Investment property home loans with a variable interest rate of 6.45% or higher at present.
• Home loans from the following four banks: ANZ, CBA, NAB & Westpac

To request an additional interest rate discount, we will need the following details:
• Home Loan Account Names
• Home Loan Account BSB & Number (including fixed loans)
• Home Loan Account Balance (including fixed loans)
• Interest Rate (including fixed loans)

Once you have prepared the above information, please forward it to the following email address most convenient for you:
• daesik@c-herald.com
• ykcha@c-herald.com

This offer is not limited to C-Herald Finance home loan customers; it is open to insurance, superannuation, and fund investment customers in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA, and TAS. Your request will be processed promptly, and we will inform you of the results as soon as possible. Thank you!
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