Financial Planning


We will act in your best interests so that, as a result, the advice provided will leave you in a financially better position.

What we are authorised to do: the following are a part of what we are authorised to provide you with:

Life Insurances as a means of Wealth & Family protection

Life insurance can help protect you and your loved family financially if something unexpected happens such as your premature death, serious illness, and, or injury.

Life cover: pays a lump sum in the event of your death

Total Permanent and Disability (TPD) Cover: Pays a lump sum to help with rehabilitation and living costs

Trauma Cover: Pays you if you are diagnosed with a major chronic illness such as cancer, heart attack, etc.

Income protection insurance: Pays some of your income if you can’t work due to illness or injury

Superannuation/Pension as a way of saving for your retirement income

How superannuation (Super) works: The purpose of super is to provide income in your retirement and therefore there are strict rules for accessing the money in super. In general, the money can only be accessed when you retire, there are certain limited conditions and exceptions for early release.

Where the money in super is invested into: Money you put into your super is invested into a range of assets by the super fund’s managers. Most super funds give you the option of choosing your preferred investment.

Investment funds as a way of wealth creation

Investing might be one of the processes of using a money to generate additional income. However, the most important thing to know is that the money is at risk when it is investing, because the value of the investments can go down as well as up.

When considering investment options, people notice that risk and return are closely related as low-risk investments are usually expected to earn modestly, while higher-risk investments may deliver higher potential returns.

An investment fund is a way for investors to effectively pool the invested money in order to take the advantage of operating as a group. The main benefit of Investment funds is that they are heavily diversified.

What we can do for investors

Setting an investing plan together— define investor’s financial goals, risk tolerance and investment time frame.

Helping investors understand the relationship between risk and return.

Recommending appropriate investment options to help investors achieve their goals.

Keeping track of investments — review the investment regularly with investors and make sure the investment is on track.

How our Financial Planning Advice works

Initial Consultation Data Gathering (Fact Finding) Setting Goals/Plans together Advice Presentation/Recommendation Advice/Product Implementation Ongoing Review


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Financial Service Guide (FSG)

As a law we require to give clients a FSG where financial product advice (i.e., personal advice or general advice) is provided. This FSG is designed to ensure that clients are given sufficient information to enable them to decide whether to obtain financial services from us or not.

No Advice / General Advice Warning

The purpose of this website is to provide general information only and the contents of this website do not purport to provide personal financial advice. We strongly recommend that investors consult a financial adviser prior to making any investment decision. The contents of this website do not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any person and should not be used as the basis for making any financial or other decisions. The information is selective and may not be complete or accurate for your particular purposes and should not be construed as a recommendation to invest in any particular product, investment or security. The information provided on this website is given in good faith and is believed to be accurate at the time of compilation. You should obtain a copy of the PDS relating to the product and consider it before making any decision to acquire the product.